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Our MISSION is to…

  • provide interesting, interactive continuing education courses with and for YOU, our participant colleagues
  • increase your knowledge while recognizing your current expertise and knowledge
  • make your learning experience pleasant so that you want to come back and send your friends

Visit our Continuing Education page to learn more . . .

Continuing Education Series

Click to view our complete list of workshops and online registration.

Dr. Waltz Continuing Education Courses

We enjoy interaction and creating a dialogue with colleagues in the process of learning. Having had enough of being “talked at” or “talked down to” by ‘experts’ over the year , we purposely design our courses to elicit what you know and how your experience pertains to each topic.

We know you have many training options available and want you to come back again and send your friends!

Clinical Supervision

Dr. Waltz is not currently taking on new clients. However, she remains committed to supervising new clinicians. If you would like to see Dr. Waltz to discuss possible supervision, please call (954) 801-4101 to set a time for you to to discuss your supervision needs.

Consulting Services

Openings for:

  • Trauma-Focused and/or Trauma Informed Services Consultations and or training
  • Clinical Supervision for Registered Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counselor Interns

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