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New Course in November – Grief and Mourning

Grief and Mourning: The Lessons and Gifts
(c) Sherrill Valdes, LCSW

New Workshop Offered  by New Trainer on:
November 21st, 2014 – 8AM to 3:30PM – 6 CEUS

No one is immune from loss. Everyone has experienced loss in their lives and most are aware of how it affected their feelings and behaviors as well as their […]

How Do Supervisees Make Ends Meet?

Since many Master’s program graduates have school loans, new families and expenses, how do Registered Interns (a Florida designation for supervisees for licensure) manage to complete their requirements for becoming licensed?  I remember that it was tough going before I got a job.  In those days (1980s) there were lots of community mental health jobs and […]

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“Qualified Supervisor” Continuing Education Courses in Florida

Great Seal of the State of FloridaThe state of Florida requires that all mental health professional registered interns, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists and  Psychologists must have several years of post-licensed practice and complete a […]

New Workshops to be offered before 2011 licensure renewal

Two new workshops have been scheduled for Fort Lauderdale in February 2011, before Licensure Renewal deadline of March 31st.