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Trauma Focused Consultations & Training

With nearly 36 years of experience working with survivors of various types of traumatic experience, Dr. Waltz has a unique perspective on Trauma Informed Services.  She has conducted research and prepared reports related to social issues including the intricacies of domestic violence on the criminal justice and child welfare systems as well as the role and impact of domestic violence on the juveniles entering the juvenile justice system.  She’s made a strong case, along with others, for preparing those who work in those (and other) systems for becoming Trauma Informed.

Using tailored made workshops, agency consultations, program monitoring and supervision of supervisors Dr. Waltz has assisted programs from Nebraska to Russia to develop their own Trauma Focus for their social and justice services.

Common topics include Trauma 101: The Neurobiology of Trauma; Strategic Planning for Trauma-Informed Services; PTSD vs. ASD: What Am I Seeing?

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