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to provide interesting, interactive continuing education courses with and for YOU,
our participant colleagues increase your knowledge while recognizing your
current expertise and knowledge to make your learning experience pleasant so
that you WANT to come back and send your friends

We enjoy interaction.  Creating a dialogue with colleagues is our favorite method of learning.  We believe that when participants and facilitators engage in conversation and share their experiences and concerns, we all learn together.  Having had enough of being “talked at” and “talked down to” by “experts” over the years, we purposely design our courses to elicit what you know and how your experience pertains to the topic. All the while we are contributing new ways of thinking and considering problems and solutions to all of our collective knowledge.

Our courses are thorough yet flexible so that the relevance to each participant’s practice area can be explored.  How many times have you attended or completed a Medical Errors Prevention workshop and left wondering how the content could possibly be relevant to your work?

The Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling expects CEU providers’ Medical Errors Prevention courses to comply with the legislated content expectations AND to find and make the content of all courses relevant to each participating clinician. . . Yes! even in Medical Errors Prevention workshops.  We do that in concert with you, our participants.  We call our program: Mental Health Error Prevention.

We know you have many training options available believe that once you have attended one of our workshops you will want to come back again and send your friends!  Our workshops are mostly provided to small groups where your needs and questions can be directly addressed.  The setting and ambiance is warm and inviting like having a nice long visit with old friends. Check out our schedule and try us. We know you will be pleased.