Since many Master’s program graduates have school loans, new families and expenses, how do Registered Interns (a Florida designation for supervisees for licensure) manage to complete their requirements for becoming licensed?  I remember that it was tough going before I got a job.  In those days (1980s) there were lots of community mental health jobs and it was just a matter of time that I was in the right place and time to get one of those jobs.

These days it seems as though Registered Interns are having a lot of trouble finding volunteer opportunities much less a job at which they can complete there supervised experience hours.  Are licensed professionals who are offering supervision and required continuing education courses extending discounts and offering help in any way?  What has been your experience? is now offering a package deal for Florida Registered Interns  to complete the required courses at a great price.  Pay one price and take the classes all in one day or as your schedule allows.

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