Grief and Mourning: The Lessons and Gifts
(c) Sherrill Valdes, LCSW

New Workshop Offered  by New Trainer on:
November 21st, 2014 – 8AM to 3:30PM – 6 CEUS

No one is immune from loss. Everyone has experienced loss in their lives and most are aware of how it affected their feelings and behaviors as well as their sense of safety and security. They may wonder who they are after the loss. Some losses such as divorce, loss of a child or parent or suicide may never be discussed by the mourner and may be missed by professionals. Today there are more unpredictable violent and sudden deaths such as mass murder, combat experience and natural disasters.

Clinicians may have people who present in the grieving process and need help moving on. People often seek physical and mental health care without recognizing that there may be a grief issue underneath. The grief response occurs whether or not we understand the perceptions, rules, values and norms that support or prohibit it. The lack of support from loved ones and community or stigmatization about the loss can be unbearable and challenging for the mourner.  The mourner often copes with loss alone. When grieving does not happen, it can turn to complicated grief, pathological mourning and impact physical wellbeing and mental health. The economic and social cost of complicated grief and mourning extends to into the family and social network, work place and society.

This workshop focuses on increasing awareness in our personal and professional lives of the phenomenon of both uncomplicated and complicated grief and mourning in order to help those who mourn resolve their grief in a healthy way. Assessments, approaches to treatment, treatment modalities and DSM5 information are discussed. A combat experience of complicated grief and PTSD is used to understand the mourner’s needs after suffering loss from unpredictable violent and sudden death.  Their needs are explored in the therapeutic relationship. In this relationship, the journey turns to mending the heart and soul. The importance of this relationship tone is revealed and expanded.

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