Following up on my former post where I displayed relevant sections from each of the Codes of Ethics, I am presenting some situations (from a variety of sources) that relate to Dual Relationships:

A couple that you know from a mutual organization asks you to provide treatment to their child.  You offer referrals to other providers but they really press you to work with their child.  What are your ethical obligations? (paraphrased from NASW – Florida Chapter Newsletter (May/June 2010)

Your former client (services terminated over three years ago) who has completed his Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling contacts you and asks to complete his Registered Internship in your agency/practice under your supervision.  What are your ethical obligations?  What if there were another Qualified Supervisor on staff who would be designated to be his supervisor? (Practice experience)

You have been in practice for a long time in your community and you have been invited to serve on the board of a small local social service program.  One of your current clients serves on the board and you wonder whether or not you can join the board and ethicall serve while maintaining both a non-professional relationship and therapeutic relationship with this person.  What factors (from the Codes or elsewhere) might influence your decision? (Practice exeperience)

Share your thoughts and questions.  Feel free to go back to the relevant sections of the Codes of Ethics to support or refute a position.