There is no legal acronym for Registered Interns under F. S. 491 in the State of Florida.

Registered Interns must spell out their registration status as noted in our Rules Chapter 64B4 – 5.005(j) Failure of a registered intern to use the words “registered intern” on all promotional materials, including cards, brochures, stationery, advertisements, and signs, naming the licensee as required by Section 491.0149(2)(b), F.S. 

This section of the rules make clear that licensed professionals may use an acronym such as LCSW, LMFT or LMHC but Registered Interns may not. LinkedIn profiles and posts may be considered advertisement or sign or even a business card.  Online promotion of services via personal websites, or Psychology Today and the like also may be so considered.

I have provided hundreds of continuing education training sessions to Registered Interns and my licensed peers and in preparing for those training courses I track the actions of the Board regularly.  I have been actively attempting to draw the attention of our developing professionals to warn them about risks that I see them taking all the time.  Disciplinary actions against Registered Interns have been increasing.

I have a registered intern coming to my next Laws & Rules course who was just disciplined at great cost, embarrassment and frustration for not complying with this specific law and rule. If you have not yet taken your required Laws and Rules course, please do so as soon as possible to protect yourself and your clients.

I am asking all Registered Interns to change their LinkedIn profiles and any business forms as noted in the above quoted Rule, etc. by removing the RCSWI, RMHCI, RMFTI and properly reflect being a Registered Intern immediately.  I further ask all of us already licensed individuals to correct and guide our newbies so that they can act to protect themselves.

Someone will report them (you) …it is already happening.

(c) 2014 Dr. C. L. Waltz (contact Dr. Waltz for permission to use this material)